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Common Pool Problems

March 19, 2020

We hear people talking about common pool problems they have experienced in the past.  My friend had a pool and it was a nightmare to take care of.  We thought we would write a quick blog to address some of the most common issues people have with pools and what can be done about them.

1.  Water won’t stay clear.  Many people don’t realize the value of maintaining balanced water.  This means keeping PH and Alkalinity in proper ranges.  When we introduce shock or chlorine into pools that do not balance it becomes handcuffed.  In other words, only a small percentage of the effective chemicals are being used.

The single biggest issue we hear about is the Walmart-type pools made by Intex pools.  We call them blue pools.  They can be a great start for a pool but can bring about many common pool problems.  The above-ground pool filters are very small and will not filter very much water in the course of the day.  These pools don’t have skimmers which allow surface debris to be removed before it can sink to the bottom requiring vacuuming.  Small pumps cannot properly distribute chemicals that will cause cloudy water.  We worry that many Intex pool owners will struggle with the starter pools and give up on pools altogether.  We hear several customers per week tell us how much better our above-ground pools operate.

2.  I can’t get rid of algae.  Most consumers don’t realize that algae can be eliminated by using a high-quality activated copper algicide on a regular basis along with keeping water balanced.  An activated copper algaecide like pristine blue is active throughout the water column from top to bottom.  A normal algaecide even if it’s copper-based will sink to the bottom leaving 90% of the water column unprotected.  The secret is in the activation (keylation) of the copper particle.

Liner Replacement Cost

3.  I’ll have to replace my liner all the time.  This concern is typically unfounded and promoted by other types of pool installers.  Today’s Vinyl Liners should last at least 15 years in an inground pool and 10 years or more in an above-ground pool.  Proper water chemistry and closing practices will greatly enhance liner life.

Operating Cost

4.  The pool will be so expensive to operate.  At Recreation Wholesale, we specialize in keeping up to date with modern technology.  We offer multistage (variable speed) pumps for inground pools and above-ground pools.  Running your pool on a low-speed setting can reduce power usage by up to 80% while still filtering and skimming.

Feel free to come into our store on Saturday Mornings during the season for a free pool school.  We want you to enjoy your pool even if you didn’t get it from us.  Avoid common pool problems.