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Selecting and Prepping Your Hot Tub Installation Area

March 9, 2022

If you’ve recently purchased a Jacuzzi® for your home and you’re anticipating its delivery sometime soon, then you’ve got a bit of preparation to do.

No, we don’t mean throwing on your bathing suit and grabbing a towel. You’ve got to decide exactly where your hot tub install is going to take place, and you’re going to need to prep that area prior to the delivery date.

In order to help ensure that your Jacuzzi® hot tub is installed safely, securely, and in the perfect spot, we’ve created this quick and easy guide to selecting and prepping your hot tub installation area. We hope you find it useful, and we hope you enjoy your experience as a hot tub owner!

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Hot Tub

When it comes to choosing where to do your hot tub installation, there are a few factors to consider. We’ve listed the most important of them below. Consider these carefully before settling on a spot for your hot tub.

Find a Steady Foundation

You definitely don’t want to place your brand-new hot tub on unsteady ground. That can wind up causing a variety of issues that will only amplify the stress you were trying to relieve by purchasing your hot tub in the first place. To avoid that, you’ll want to select a great foundation.

Concrete is a solid choice, both literally and figuratively, and it’s perhaps the most common among hot tub owners. Another great (and highly convenient) foundation is on your deck, provided you can confirm that it’s able to support the weight of your Jacuzzi®.

You can also opt for a spa mat, which makes it possible to place your hot tub on any level patch of grass or topsoil in your backyard.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Dedicated Circuit

Each one of the hot tubs in our Jacuzzi® Collections is going to require a dedicated electrical circuit with either 120 or 240 volts.

This circuit is something that must be installed by a professional electrician, so you’re going to want to speak with one about where you can and cannot place this facility. That will help guide you in selecting a perfect spot to place your tub.

Consider Convenience and Privacy

There are certain aspects of being a Jacuzzi® owner that you might not consider until well after installation, but you very well may wish you had. If your hot tub is too far from your home, it can make things a little inconvenient for you, especially if you plan on going in during the cold months.

You may also want to consider how much privacy your hot tub placement offers. Are you within view of your neighbors, and if so, will that bother you or them? This consideration should help you narrow down your options.

Prepping for Your Hot Tub Install

Now that you’ve selected an area for your hot tub installation, you’re going to have to prep it for delivery day. Below are a few key tips for you to consider:

Make Sure the Area Is Clear

You want the exact area where your hot tub is going to be placed to be cleared of obstructions, but you also want to make the surrounding area as clear as possible, as well as the delivery path itself. This clear space will not only make the delivery day less stressful but will also potentially prevent a disaster from occurring.

Measure the Delivery Path

Once you’ve determined the route your hot tub will be taking to get to its destination, measure any doorways, fences, sidewalks, pathways, and narrow areas to ensure that it’s going to fit.

Remove Overhead Obstructions

Clearing the ground along your delivery path of obstructions is crucial, but don’t forget to look up. You’re going to want to make sure all branches, gutters, overhangs, and any other overhead obstructions are accounted for and removed or easily avoided.

Interested in a Hot Tub for Your Home?

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