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This year has been an eye-opening year for the topic of hot tub bacteria.  Anyone that has been around hot tubs knows that we need to be sure our hot tubs are protected from bacteria.  This usually means a steady regimen of shocking the water with oxidizer and keeping a low level of available chlorine.  This has changed recently. 

You may have heard about the state fair in Virginia where they had an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.  Over 200 people contracted this disease and killed 2 people.  They were able to track the virus back to a hot tub display at the fair.  The hot tub bacteria was due to a poorly managed spa allowing the virus to grow. 

In the last few years it has become known that certain virus’ can build a sort of exoskeleton inside plumbing making it impossible for chlorine to kill them.  The skeleton is called bio film.  This problem was originally discovered in the poultry business.  The water lines in the chicken houses would develop the same hot tub bacteria we see in our industry.  The result was loss of chickens. 

A scientist has developed an EPA approved system for purging hot tub bacteria that has been very effective.  The product is called Hot Tub Serum.  It scours the internal plumbing and removes the biofilm leaving the bacteria open to bactericides.  The Serum is also a low dose bactericide.


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We are not trying to scare people from using a hot tub.  As millions of people know, a hot tub can be a very therapeutic, fun asset to a family.  We want to promote and educate the safe and proper use of your spa so that you don’t experience hot tub bacteria!

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