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Hydropool Swim Spas

Hydropool Swim Spas

Whether it’s an AquaSport or AquaTrainer, you will enjoy the best of all worlds for fun and fitness. Hydropool Swim Spas are the pool you didn’t think you had room for or afford. Hydropool Swim Spas will exceed your expectations while providing the best possible solution for your needs.

Executive Swim Spas

This swim spa is designed to maximize the Cross Training Experience. Built with versatility in mind easily enter from all four sides into the perfect pool. Weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your pool. Bring an all-season swimming experience to your backyard.

Play Swim Spas

The Play swim spa is designed to maximize the swimming area so that you can focus on having fun with your family. Entrance from three sides allows customers lots of versatility when installing this unit in their yard.

Aquatic Swim Spas

The Aqua Trainer is a pool, hot tub, and aquatic gym all in one. This swim spa allows you to swim, jog, exercise or play. It needs less space, costs less money, and requires less maintenance than a conventional pool.

Underwater LED Safety Lighting

Underwater lighting makes the swim spa clearly visible at night and helps avoid serious injury.

AquaCord Swim Tether

You can anchor this bungee Tether Cord to the back of the swim spa to create even more resistance.

Stainless Steel Exercise Bar

These can be mounted to the interior of the swim spa and are intended to act as a stabilizing bar for safety, stretching, and various other exercise activities.

PureWater System

Virtually maintenance free and uses less chemicals.

Rowing Kit

A combination of stainless steel oars and resistance bands that attach to swivel anchors allowing for full rowing motion.

EZ UltraPure Ozone System

When mixed with water, ozone is a highly effective oxidizer that assists in removing unwanted contaminants from the swim spa water.

Self Clean Mode

The world’s easiest swim spa to maintain. This PATENTED Self-Cleaning System cleans 100% of the water every 40 minutes. That’s an incredible 3 times in 2 hours!

SoftStride Exercise Mat

A stable platform for full body workouts.

Bellagio Package

Includes the Northern Lights and Bellagio Falls and can be added to any Aquatic or Executive Series swim spa.

Programmable Filtration Cycles

Take control of your water with programmable cycles that allow you to filter on your terms.