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Beware Overland Park Convention Center Hot Tub Swim Spa Show

February 11, 2015

Buyer beware of the Overland Park Convention Center hot tub swim spa shows that is rolling into town this weekend. Shows like this have become very popular all over the country in recent years. It sounds like a great opportunity to save thousands on a hot tub or swim spa purchase because it is several manufacturers competing for your business. In reality, it’s a team of extremely high-pressure salespeople bluffing consumers into making a pressured decision on a major purchase. The average sale is 20% higher than a typical local dealer charge for an equal product. There is only one company involved and they are not a manufacturer in most cases. One thing is for sure, there is no local service, training, water testing, or warranty help. Although they indicate they have local service, that translates into “we have contracted with a 3rd party to go fix you spa if it breaks” (with the consumer paying the trip charge and labor usually). If the third-party disagrees with the small fee offered, there is no one left. This weekend’s show appears to be a brand called barefoot spas. Not only is there no dealer anywhere near Kansas City currently, there never has been. Typically, a quality spa manufacturer doesn’t need to sell its products by bait and switch high-pressure sales team at weekend shows like the Overland Park Convention Center hot tub and swim spa show. If they have a quality product, local dealers are more than happy to represent them which results in 10 times more sales volume.

As much as we at Recreation Wholesale hate to cast a negative light on anything to do with the spa industry, this type of business practice really needs to be examined closely before a purchase is made. Make sure you research the company you’re buying from (at this point, we couldn’t identify what company is actually taking your money) and check it out. A spa is a MAJOR purchase and should bring years of quality time for your family. Even the best-made spas in the world require service and training. A poorly manufactured spa can require a TON of repairs.

Worst of all, when you buy a spa, hot tub, or swim spa from shows like this weekend’s Overland Park Convention Center hot tub swim spa show, every last dollar leaves Kansas City. Please support local businesses and compare what you are getting for the money.