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J-16 PowerActive™ Swim Spa

Combines swim current technology with the therapeutic power of Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ jets

Product Highlights

Seating Capacity: People
Volumn: 2010 gal
Length: 186″
Width: 93″
Height : 53″
Weight (Empty): 2560 lbs
Weight (Filled): 19394


PowerPro® AX jet swim current and SteadySwim™ buoyancy jet allows for in-place swimming and resistance exercise Low-impact jogging and walking alternative to dry-land activity on Soft Stride mat 4 Hydromassage seats FORM Smart Swim Goggles Available in J-16™ and J-19™ models

Additional information

Jacuzzi Swim Spa Colors

Platinum & Brushed Gray, Platinum & Modern Hardwood, Porcelain & Brushed Gray, Porcelain & Modern Hardwood

J-16 PowerActive™
J-16 PowerActive™ Features
Explore our innovative hot tub features

48in Exercise Bar

The addition of this wall mounted option allows you to use the swim spa for any rehabilitation or just provide balance when completing fitness programs

Aquatic Fitness Package

The addition of this fitness package turns any swim spa into an aquatic universal gym. Resistance bands add another dimension to your workout and can used anywhere within the swim tank area

Auxiliary Heater Bypass Loop

When your installation calls for auxiliary heater, our swim spas can be built with special plumbing that will easily and reliably allow for the addition of a heater.

ClearRay® Active Oxygen

Harnesses the power of air and light to work harder and clean the water longer. It’s an advanced oxidation process that destroys contaminants and water-born pathogens.

Form Smart Goggles

Wearable Technology calibrated specifically for Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ and PowerActive™ Swim Spas

Illuminated Waterfall

Waterfall with LED lighting to soothe your mind and body

ProTouch Control Panel

Touchscreen control with a simplified user interface to make usage and maintenance easy.

Rowing Kit

A combination of stainless steel oars and resistance bands that attach to swivel anchors allowing for full rowing motion.

Solid State Frame

Perfect for the installation that is sunk half way into a deck or the ground, the Solid State Frame provides a sturdy framework for any customer to attach the decking or stonework material to finish the project.
J-16 PowerActive™ Seating & Jets
J-16 PowerActive™Specs
  • Volume (G):

  • Dry Weight (Lbs):

  • Filled Weight (Lbs):

  • Pump 1:

  • Pump 2:

  • Length (in):

  • Width (in):

  • Height (in):

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