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Inground Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement

December 26, 2014

We get a tremendous amount of interest in our inground pool vinyl liner replacement program. The average swimmer would think it’s easy to buy an inground pool vinyl liner replacement. That couldn’t be further from the truth! First, the inground pool vinyl liner has to be properly measured to exacting standards. This is extremely important as the smallest error in measuring the inground pool vinyl liner can mean a poor fit and wrinkles. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make a poorly measured liner fit! Second, the customer has to pick from a seemingly unlimited number of patterns for their inground pool vinyl liner…and that’s just for the bottom pattern! Next, we have to choose the tile pattern for the inground pool vinyl liner. At one time I counted over 300 different patterns for tile in the inground pool vinyl liner collection. The third and possibly most important is choosing the quality of the inground pool vinyl liner. It’s not as easy to understand as one might think. As you browse the internet, you will see every price range and thickness imaginable in the inground pool vinyl liner. In truth, the internet doesn’t have a magical solution to be able to sell vinyl liners of equal quality for tons cheaper. Typically what is happening is quality is being sacrificed in the vinyl liner itself. In today’s marketplace, we are seeing tons of vinyl coming from China which is typically made of recycled (non-virgin) vinyl. This product will deteriorate up to 3 times faster than a quality US-made vinyl liner. It’s really not even possible to compare inground pool vinyl liners based on thickness anymore. Many manufacturers have started adding “filler” to the vinyl to increase the thickness without having to add the expensive vinyl. It’s hard to say which is worse…Chinese Vinyl or filler-laden vinyl! By the time the average consumer sees the flaws in their cheaper liner, the warranty is gone and the liner must be replaced. One way we have found to actually compare liners is to get a statement from the manufacturer stating that the vinyl is not imported and then get a weight on the liner itself. Liners using filler for thickness don’t weigh anywhere near what a virgin vinyl liner will weigh. These are just some things we’ve experienced that will help you in choosing your inground pool vinyl liner for the season. It helps to buy from a local company that will be here in the future…it’s easy to hide on the internet!!