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Inground Pool Slide

December 4, 2014

Cold weather makes us think about fun stuff like the inground pool slide. As I sit here in the frozen tundra of Missouri, it’s fun to think back to some of the pools we did last year that took advantage of extra deck space by installing an inground pool slide. Today’s inground pool slide isn’t made like the old-school white fiberglass inground pool slide at your grandma’s pool! Today’s slides feature tons of variables for height, twists, and turns. The key is that they are no longer an eyesore. Today’s inground pool slide is made from a high-tech roto-molded resin and will offer YEARS of service. In the last few years, we have been adding basketball goals, volleyball goals, and soccer goals to our pools allowing for an endless amount of creativity and fun. We have noticed that the safety factor has increased significantly on our modern inground pool slide. In the old days, the skinny fiberglass slides were very wobbly and unstable at the top. In addition, the old slides had very small steps that kids could fall through the center of the steps. As you will see in our attached picture, the inground pool slide steps are now completely solid and even feature a grab rail on both sides. You will also notice that the in-ground pool slide now twists which makes the back of the steps fully visible to adults. This makes it tons easier to keep track of the little ones…no matter how many of them there are.

Companies like SR Smith have allowed buying groups like ours to purchase directly from them at huge discounts which allow us to sell them to the end-user at significantly lower prices. In the past, inground pool slides would cost up to $7,500 with installation. With our new construction inground pools, we can get them as low as $2,950. Some of the slides are fully plumbed into the filter system which means you can use them like a waterfall for a great ambiance.

Come into our showroom and see all the different inground pool slide options and fun ways to get more family enjoyment from your pool or your future dream inground pool.