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Fiberglass Pools

February 7, 2023

Kansas City Fiberglass Pool Company


Fiberglass pools have been part of the pool industry for decades and are an excellent alternative to vinyl liners or concrete. Some types of pools are constructed from several different materials and components. This makes installation more complex, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Fiberglass pools are unique in that they consist of one single piece. The fiberglass shell is made off-site in a factory and then delivered for installation. Oftentimes people call fiberglass swimming pools “inserts” because of this construction and installation method.

If you are considering building a pool, you need to understand the benefits of each type to make an educated decision on which is best for you. The three main types are fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete. Here, we’ll talk more in-depth about the benefits and considerations of installing a fiberglass pool.

Ground Water Control

By far the most important factor in keeping your fiberglass pool safe is groundwater control. Groundwater is everywhere and can be generated by a natural spring, rain runoff, or a simple low-lying spot in the yard. Many fiberglass pools have met their early demise from excessive water under the pool that cannot escape.

The best yards for a fiberglass pool have a sloping grade away from the house. This allows for groundwater to drain away naturally. Less favorable conditions may require the installation of a daylight drainage system under the pool so water can flow away easily. Experienced builders know that if a daylight system is not possible, a mechanical sump pit with redundancy is a must.

Not all locations are suited for an inground pool. It’s crucial to hire an experienced pool builder that can examine your yard space and groundwater situation to implement the correct de-watering solutions to increase the lifespan of your pool.

Pool Maintenance and Management

Many websites that only sell fiberglass pools will indicate that this type of swimming pool is far easier to maintain than a vinyl-lined pool. It’s true that fiberglass pools typically require less maintenance due to their durability. When it comes to water management, there is little difference we have seen in regard to cost and effort throughout our 20 years in the pool-building business.

Fiberglass pools are similar to the other types in that they require regular cleaning and you must run the pool filter, keep water levels above the skimmer, and test the water chemistry. This involves the following:

  • Chlorine levels
  • pH
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium hardness

Once you get into the habit of caring for your pool, the time commitment for these tasks is minimal.


Fiberglass pools are just as aesthetically pleasing as vinyl-lined pools. They look high-end without the high cost and liability of other pool types. Fiberglass pools are somewhat limited in size and depth due to the way they are constructed and transported. They are made using molds, therefore there aren’t any options to customize the design. However, there are several popular styles and shapes available. You can easily find a design to your liking that fits into your backyard space and landscaping. You will often see combinations of beautiful curves, tanning benches, ledges, and spas that cannot be achieved with vinyl-lined pools.

Cost and Speed

The average cost of a fiberglass pool will be around $15,000 more than a  vinyl-lined pool, but they cost less to maintain over the years. Fiberglass pools are highly durable and unlikely to sustain damage that requires costly repairs, unlike vinyl liners that require replacement if punctured or ripped. Much of the cost to install a fiberglass pool is in the freight and the equipment required to transport and install the pool.

Another factor to consider is that a fiberglass pool will generally be installed much faster than a vinyl-lined pool. The entire pool is literally dropped into place by a crane! The whole process normally takes just a few days. In comparison, vinyl pools take weeks to install, and a concrete pool can take months to complete.

It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the available pool options and compare them to determine which is right for you. Recreation Wholesale specializes in a variety of fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools and we are happy to help you select the style, size, and design that best suits your needs. Contact our specialists to discuss your preferences and let us help you choose the perfect pool that fits your space and your budget.