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Doughboy Above Ground Pools

December 2, 2014

Recreation Wholesale is extremely excited to offer the Premium brand of above-ground pools made by Doughboy Above Ground Pools. Doughboy above-ground pools have long been known for their extreme quality and customer service. Recreation Wholesale is leveraging its membership in the Millenium Buying Group to be able to combine volume purchasing to bring the highest quality pools down to a reasonable price. By purchasing the brand Doughboy Above Ground Pool in large volumes the price is significantly lower which allows us to sell the pool at a much lower price.

So what is the difference between a brand pool and the traditional Doughboy Above Ground Pool? There is very little difference between the two pools. The huge extruded top rails are the same. The coated steel wall that Doughboy above ground pools are famous for is the same. With the brand, we use a recessed bolt receiver for added strength at the seam. The brand offers a lifetime warranty as well as the unheard-of transferable warranty. That’s right, the warranty is transferable! No other pool manufacturer that we’re aware of offers this type of warranty because they know the pool isn’t structurally sound enough to be disassembled them reassembled.

We’re offering a 10% early buy discount for all…brand pools by Doughboy above ground pools purchased before March 31st, 2015. These pools will also receive our exclusive PLATINUM accessory upgrade package. So come in early to see what makes these pools so special.