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Chemical Free Hot Tub Spas

October 15, 2016

It seems that the holy grail is a chemical-free hot tub spa. Consumers are very aware of the potentially adverse effects of bromine and chlorine. We hear many people with mild allergies to chlorine and or bromine. Even if you don’t have a clinical allergy, you may experience dry or itchy skin after a soak. Many people find the smell of these two products to be offensive. The bottom line is that they are sanitizers or bactericides which means poisons.

What are the options?

At Recreation Wholesale, we try to be on the cutting edge of water treatment and chemical-free hot tub spas. People are becoming very familiar with enzymes for all uses in cleaning. Waters Choice has developed an enzyme for hot tubs. In a nutshell, the enzyme is not a poison or bactericide. It works by creating an environment that bacteria can’t live in. It is basically freshwater because chlorine is only used for an occasional shock. This means customers are not testing regularly for residual chlorine or bromine.

Other options?

We spend a lot of time with our customers to find the right fit. UV (ultraviolet) is a product that is becoming more popular as well in trying to be a chemical-free hot tub spa. The water is exposed to a chamber with UV which actually damages the DNA of a bacteria rendering it unable to reproduce. It sounds hard to believe but it’s being used in water treatment currently.


Copper is becoming more and more popular in the spa world based on its popularity in the pool market. Most precious metals are bactericides but don’t penetrate human skin. Copper does need the presence of bromine or chlorine but in much lower levels. Most of the time the levels are undetectable by humans.

At the end of the day, we don’t want our customers soaking in a big bucket of poison. With today’s technology, you don’t have to! Come into our store and we’ll find a solution custom-fitted to your needs. Even if you already have a hot tub spa, we can help you make it a chlorine-free hot tub spa. Bring a water sample and we’ll be glad to test it at no charge.