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Chemical Free Hot Tub And Spa

April 26, 2014

Here at Recreation Wholesale, we have found a way to manage water in a hot tub or spa using virtually no chlorine, bromine, or shock. This means you have a virtually chemical-free hot tub and spa. It’s called an enzyme and works by creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria to live in inside a hot tub and spa. 99% dichlor (high-grade chlorine) can be used as a shock for the hot tub and spa from time to time if contaminants stain the water but we don’t require a constant level of chlorine in the hot tub or spa.

Algae is not a problem in a hot tub spa in Kansas City because algae feeds on sunlight. Typically the hot tub spa is closed to sunlight. Come by the store in Lee’s Summit and check us out.