Inground Salt Pools

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Most consumers are aware of the benefits of in ground salt pools can provide. Modern inground salt pools are beneficial because they manufacture available chlorine. Steady amount is the same as having someone stand beside the pool and manually add chlorine all day long……of course that is not an option! However, many consumers are not… Read more »

Hot Tubs

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Recreation Wholesale is fast become the place to go for new hot tubs. Searching for hot tubs can be incredibly confusing in today’s day and age because of the internet and the volume of hot tubs found online. A quick search for hot tubs will show a customer hot tub prices anywhere from $999. to… Read more »

Above Ground Pool

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By far the biggest question we get about our above ground pool from a customer when they are shopping for an above ground pool is what Gauge is the liner? What the customer is trying to establish is what is the thickness of the liner. With the advent of the internet, shopping for a liner… Read more »

Inground pool builder

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Lee’s Summit inground pool builder off to a great start. The team at Recreation Wholesale officially dropped our first liner today which marks the beggining to what we hope will be a banner inground pool builder season. Mother nature was kind enough to give us a sunny and 75 degree day which helps the liner… Read more »

Cheap Hot Tubs

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Never has the phrase “you get what you pay for” ever been more true than buying cheap hot tubs on the internet. In todays market, the internet is being used more and more as a research tool for buying high end products that used to be purchased and researched locally. When a consumer goes out… Read more »

Inground pool vinyl liner replacement

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We get a a tremendous amount of interest in our inground pool vinyl liner replacement program. The average swimmer would think it’s easy to buy an inground pool vinyl liner replacement. That couldn’t be further from the truth! First, the inground pool vinyl liner has to be properly measured to exacting standards. This is extremely… Read more »

Virtually Chemical free hot tub

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The question has often been been asked, what if they could create a virtually chemical free hot tub? Well, that is now a reality with todays science. In the past, it was up to Bromine or Chlorine to clean the water in a hot tub. These bacteriacides work very well and always have. The problem… Read more »

Endless Pool Swim Spa

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Many medical professionals and exercise gurus are beginning to see the value in an endless pool swim spa. Many people call them exercise pools. The biggest single advantage of the endless pool swim spa is that the body is able to generate a tremendous almost completely adjustable resistance therapy without generating any impact or stress… Read more »

Hard Cover Hot Tub

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The hottest topic in todays hot tub spa market is the hard cover hot tub. Hot Tub Spas have been in the main stream for close to 40 years now. The amazing thing is that up until now, the hot tub cover has remained largely completely unchanged. It consists of vinyl wrapped around a foam… Read more »