Common pool problems

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We hear people talking about common pool problems they have experienced in the past.  My friend had a pool and it was a nightmare to take care of.  We thought we would write a quick blog to address some of the most common issues people have with pools and what can be done about them…. Read more »

Hot tub bacteria

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This year has been an eye-opening year for the topic of hot tub bacteria.  Anyone that has been around hot tubs knows that we need to be sure our hot tubs are protected from bacteria.  This usually means a steady regimen of shocking the water with oxidizer and keeping a low level of available chlorine. … Read more »

Stealth Semi In ground Pool

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A new product called the stealth semi in ground pool has hit the market with tremendous success.  We realized that the pool market had a gigantic hole in it (no pun intended).  Above ground pools sell for $6,500 and in ground pools start as low at $40,000.  Many customers don’t like the way an above… Read more »

Best Pool Builders in Kansas City

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Ok, I know it may be strange for a pool builder in Kansas City to draw attention to our competition.  Although we think we’re great, the truth is we know we can’t build all the in ground pools in Kansas City.  Since happy pool owners tell happy stories, we thought we would share a few… Read more »

Salt Water Hot Tubs

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In recent years a lot of interest has been generated for salt water hot tubs.  Sometimes they will be referred to as salt water filters.  The salt water portion of the hot tub does not have anything to do with filtration rather the sanitization of the spa.  Many websites present the Salt water hot tubs… Read more »

Recreation Wholesale is now the exclusive Jacuzzi Spa dealer in Kansas City

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We are proud to announce that Recreation Wholesale is the exclusive Jacuzzi Spa dealer in Kansas City. Visit our updated web site to learn more about all of the Jacuzzi® hot tubs available at Recreation Wholesale in Kansas City. View detailed information about our 2, 4, and 6 person hot tubs. Jacuzzi® is the brand… Read more »

Above Ground Pool Liner

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We’re often asked what is the gauge or mill of your above ground pool liner? This question is often generated by customers doing research on the internet. In today’s internet retail world it’s increasingly difficult to separate a quality liner from a poorly made above ground pool liner. Most consumers assume that thickness rating is… Read more »

Above Ground Pool Installation

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We constantly get questions about proper above ground pool installation. The biggest question is why is there so many different costs for install? I thought it might be beneficial to discuss why some above ground pool installation is $500 and some are $1,000. Proper Installation First, many above ground pool installation workers are not insured…. Read more »