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Bounce Back Shuffleboard

November 29, 2014

We’re running a clearance on our Bounce Back Shuffleboards for the Holiday Season. We have 5 of them remaining and all will be sold below cost for $750. That will include the magnum pucks and a starter kit of wax. You will be ready to play in 2 minutes!

We originally designed the Bounce Back Shuffleboard game to be a great addition to the pool tables we sold here in Kansas City. The only thing we didn’t take into consideration was that the Bounce Back Shuffleboard would weigh more than 400 lbs! We didn’t want to make this a cheapy throw away table so we used the same 3″ butcher block playing surface with a 1/4″ thick poured surface that we use on our high-end straight shuffleboards. We ended up with a fantastically built product…it just can’t be moved on and off of the pool table unless you are the hulk (or have 4 people). What we’ve found is that people are putting the bounce-back shuffleboard on the pool table and leaving it. Lots of people like shuffleboard more than they like the pool!

The bounce-back shuffleboard is great for people that don’t have a 20′ wall to use a straight shuffleboard. Because you send the pucks down and bounce back, you are getting the same playing surface as 14’er but in a 7′ size area. You will need a flat surface like a card table, pool table, end table or you can build legs for the cabinet. You just need something to elevate the cabinet. This is a great opportunity to get a Bounce Back Shuffleboard at a GREAT price.