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Author: Michael Campbell

An Early Buy is the Best Buy with an Above Ground Pool

Are you considering an above ground pool for your Kansas City backyard this summer? If so, now is the time to buy! Early buy is the best buy when it comes to above ground pools, as you can avoid long lead times and save money in the process. With the summer season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to buy your above ground pool and get ready to enjoy the hot summer months ahead.

Read on to learn why an early buy is the best buy with an above ground pool.

Avoid Long Lead Times

For those who wait until the last minute to buy an above ground pool, you run the risk of long lead times. Many manufacturers can have lead times of up to 10-12 weeks if a dealer is out of stock, leaving you with a backyard that doesn’t have an above ground pool ready to use by the time summer rolls around.

When you purchase an above ground pool early, you can rest assured that it will arrive in a timely fashion and be able to be installed quickly. But if you decide to wait until the last minute, you run the risk of pool dealers being out of stock of popular sizes and models that would have been the perfect fit for your needs, leaving you with no other choice than to miss the season and wait for a restock. By purchasing early, you can avoid this issue altogether.

Save Money Along the Way

It pays to be ahead of the game when it comes to purchasing a Kansas City above ground pool. Purchasing early can save you money in a number of ways. By buying during pre-season sales, you can avoid the higher prices that come with increased demand and the potential for backorders. Be sure to take advantage of potential early install discounts, as well, which may not be available if you wait until later in the season.

Pre-season sales allow you to ensure your backyard is set up for a summer of fun!


Kansas City above ground pool company


Avoid Backorders

Backorders are becoming increasingly common in today’s climate, making it difficult to get what you need when you need it. Buying your pool before the rush gives you a better inventory to choose from and takes away any stress of being unable to find the exact model and size of pool you want. This also prevents any delays in getting your pool set up so that you can enjoy it this summer.

Your Kansas City Above Ground Pool Experts

When it comes to having the backyard of your dreams, Recreation Wholesale is here for you. We currently have a readily-available selection of Kansas City above ground pools ready for immediate delivery. Now is the best time to prepare your backyard and get your above ground pool up and running for the summer season. Don’t miss out on your dream backyard by waiting for something better to come alone. Stop by our pool supply store and pick out your above ground pool today!

Fiberglass Pools

Kansas City Fiberglass Pool Company


Fiberglass pools have been part of the pool industry for decades and are an excellent alternative to vinyl liners or concrete. Some types of pools are constructed from several different materials and components. This makes installation more complex, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Fiberglass pools are unique in that they consist of one single piece. The fiberglass shell is made off-site in a factory and then delivered for installation. Oftentimes people call fiberglass swimming pools “inserts” because of this construction and installation method.

If you are considering building a pool, you need to understand the benefits of each type to make an educated decision on which is best for you. The three main types are fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete. Here, we’ll talk more in-depth about the benefits and considerations of installing a fiberglass pool.

Ground Water Control

By far the most important factor in keeping your fiberglass pool safe is groundwater control. Groundwater is everywhere and can be generated by a natural spring, rain runoff, or a simple low-lying spot in the yard. Many fiberglass pools have met their early demise from excessive water under the pool that cannot escape.

The best yards for a fiberglass pool have a sloping grade away from the house. This allows for groundwater to drain away naturally. Less favorable conditions may require the installation of a daylight drainage system under the pool so water can flow away easily. Experienced builders know that if a daylight system is not possible, a mechanical sump pit with redundancy is a must.

Not all locations are suited for an inground pool. It’s crucial to hire an experienced pool builder that can examine your yard space and groundwater situation to implement the correct de-watering solutions to increase the lifespan of your pool.

Pool Maintenance and Management

Many websites that only sell fiberglass pools will indicate that this type of swimming pool is far easier to maintain than a vinyl-lined pool. It’s true that fiberglass pools typically require less maintenance due to their durability. When it comes to water management, there is little difference we have seen in regard to cost and effort throughout our 20 years in the pool-building business.

Fiberglass pools are similar to the other types in that they require regular cleaning and you must run the pool filter, keep water levels above the skimmer, and test the water chemistry. This involves the following:

  • Chlorine levels
  • pH
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium hardness

Once you get into the habit of caring for your pool, the time commitment for these tasks is minimal.


Fiberglass pools are just as aesthetically pleasing as vinyl-lined pools. They look high-end without the high cost and liability of other pool types. Fiberglass pools are somewhat limited in size and depth due to the way they are constructed and transported. They are made using molds, therefore there aren’t any options to customize the design. However, there are several popular styles and shapes available. You can easily find a design to your liking that fits into your backyard space and landscaping. You will often see combinations of beautiful curves, tanning benches, ledges, and spas that cannot be achieved with vinyl-lined pools.

Cost and Speed

The average cost of a fiberglass pool will be around $15,000 more than a  vinyl-lined pool, but they cost less to maintain over the years. Fiberglass pools are highly durable and unlikely to sustain damage that requires costly repairs, unlike vinyl liners that require replacement if punctured or ripped. Much of the cost to install a fiberglass pool is in the freight and the equipment required to transport and install the pool.

Another factor to consider is that a fiberglass pool will generally be installed much faster than a vinyl-lined pool. The entire pool is literally dropped into place by a crane! The whole process normally takes just a few days. In comparison, vinyl pools take weeks to install, and a concrete pool can take months to complete.

It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the available pool options and compare them to determine which is right for you. Recreation Wholesale specializes in a variety of fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools and we are happy to help you select the style, size, and design that best suits your needs. Contact our specialists to discuss your preferences and let us help you choose the perfect pool that fits your space and your budget.

UV Ozone Water Purification

We all know that pools and hot tubs require regular maintenance and care to keep them in great condition. One of the most important tasks for pool owners is to use a sanitization method to clean the water by eliminating bacteria, parasites, and contaminants that may cause illness. Sanitizers also prevent the growth of algae, which can clog pool filters and feed harmful bacteria.

Chlorine is typically the most often used sanitization method, but it can irritate skin, bleach and wear down liners, and has a strong smell many find unpleasant. Saltwater pools use a saltwater chlorine generator to clean the water. Pool salt has its own drawbacks. It is highly corrosive if not managed perfectly and can cause fixtures to rust.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative. In recent years, manufacturers have developed systems that are harmless to swimmers and the pool structure but still offer sanitization and oxidization. The most popular new technologies available for pools and hot tubs use ultraviolet light and ozone gas to achieve healthier, more powerful results.

Pool & Hot Tub Water Purification

What Is UV Ozone Water Purification?

Ozone is activated oxygen and is generated by light or electrical energy. Ozone dissolved in water kills off dangerous pathogens, destroys both organic and inorganic contaminants, and works to clump them together so they can be removed via the pool filter. This gas is stronger than chlorine and is even able to kill some microorganisms resistant to chlorine treatments. UV systems work by passing water through a UV chamber where it is exposed to light to kill microorganisms like algae, bacteria, and viruses to sanitize the water.

The combination of ozone and UV light creates a cohesive water purification system that is highly effective at disinfecting pool water and leaving it crystal clear. The technology works by dissolving ozone gas in the water in the mixing chamber and then pumping it through the UV light chamber to get the best of both sanitization methods. The process creates hydroxyl radicals which are responsible for oxidizing contaminants before they convert to oxygen once again.

While the UV Ozone system is not generally capable of killing and disabling all the bacteria in a body of water, it drastically cuts down on the number of microorganisms present. Some chlorine use is still needed as a secondary method to sanitize the pool water. Pools that don’t have a UV ozone system typically need to maintain chlorine levels of 3.0 to 5.0 PPM. UV ozone pools can reduce the amount of chlorine to 1.0 PPM or below, which lowers the amount of chemicals by a significant amount and makes this a fantastic alternative for the environmentally conscious.

Benefits of the UV Ozone System

The UV and ozone purification system has many benefits. It creates softer water that feels great on the skin. The combination of ozone and UV light also minimizes the presence of irritants that cause asthma, eye redness, and other uncomfortable symptoms so swimmers can enjoy their time in the pool without worry. Have you ever spent a day in your Kansa City pool and noticed that your hair has a strange hue or your bathing suit has faded? Unlike chlorine, a UV ozone purification system won’t discolor hair or swimwear.

These benefits provide you with a better swimming experience in healthier water that uses less chemicals to keep it clean and sparkling. Also, as we discussed, UV ozone generators for pools are eco-friendly because they use much less chlorine. You get to do your part to help the environment, plus using less chlorine cuts down on the expense of maintaining the pool. The evidence is clear. Not only do you get greater peace of mind that you are providing your family and friends with a healthy place to swim, but switching to a UV ozone system can save you money in the long run.

Average Cost

UV ozone systems typically have an initial installation cost of around $1,500 to $2,500 and pay for themselves in a matter of a few years when you factor in the cost of chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals. They do require some additional maintenance, but this is minimal. The most important task is to replace the UV bulb regularly. In Kansas City, the timeframe works out to once about every two years, based on a five to six-month pool season.

If you have questions about which pool sanitization method is best for you, contact Recreation Wholesale to speak with one of our experts. Pools are our passion and we are happy to answer your questions and recommend the best treatments and technologies to keep your pool in excellent condition.

Hot Tub Blowout

Hot Tub Grand Opening Sale

Hot tub blowout

Buyer beware of the hot tub grand opening sale that is rolling into town this weekend. The hot tub blowout uses 1-800-spa-sale as its title and is being held 12505 Hemlock St, Overland Park, KS 66213 . Shows like this have become very popular all over the country in recent years. It sounds like a great opportunity to save thousands on a hot tub or swim spa purchase because it is several manufacturers competing for your business. They even specifically mention it’s your opportunity to compare different manufacturers in one place. In reality, it’s a team of extremely high-pressure salespeople bluffing consumers into making a pressured decision on a major purchase.

How do they work?

The average sale is 20% higher at a hot tub blowout sale than typical local dealer charges for an equal product. There is only one company involved and they are not a manufacturer in most cases.  This weekend’s show appears to be either Hawkeye Spas, Barefoot Spas or Master Spas. At this time no one is answering the 800 number and the web site doesn’t show a brand. Typically, a quality spa manufacturer doesn’t need to sell its products by bait and switch high-pressure sales team at weekend shows like the hot tub blowout. They are now calling the sale a hot tub grand opening sale but only last 3 days.

Why avoid them?

As much as we at Recreation Wholesale hate to cast a negative light on anything to do with the spa industry, this type of business practice needs to be examined closely before a purchase is made. Make sure you research the company you buy from (at this point, we couldn’t identify what company is actually taking your money) and check it out. Don’t be fooled by internet review sites that are not independent. It’s easy to put up a site and put tons of bogus reviews. A spa is a MAJOR purchase and should bring years of enjoyment and quality time for your family. Even the best-made spas in the world require service and training. A poorly manufactured spa can require a TON of repairs. The brands listed above do not have a local service presence. The hot tub blowout salesman will tell you they have contract service people in Kansas City. This means you will be relying on someone that did not sell you the spa to repair for a very small fee.

Feel free to browse our premium line of Jacuzzi spas and rest assured that you are buying the best.

Reasons To Buy From a Local Company

When you buy from a local dealer, you get more than just a piece of equipment. Local hot tub dealers offer the friendliest customer service in town and can answer any questions you have about buying, owning, or maintaining your hot tub. Additionally, they are often better equipped to assist with repairs and maintenance when issues arise. Plus, being members of the local community, they’re more likely to stand by their product and offer help when you need it.

So don’t get caught up in a hot tub blowout sale. Visit your local Jacuzzi dealer today and find out why buying from a trusted, knowledgeable source is always the best way to go!


Keep your money in Kansas City. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Find A Reputable Kansas City Pool Company

Pool Company Reviews - Kansas City, MO


Once you decide to upgrade your backyard with a swimming pool, the first thing you must do is find an experienced and reputable pool builder. Selecting the best pool installation company is key to making sure you get a gorgeous, well-built pool that provides many years of fun and relaxation.

It can be a challenge to review the many options available in the Kansas City area. Pools have become more popular as affordable options and financing make the dream of adding a private swimming pool an attainable reality for many. The increase in demand has caused more pool builders to appear. However, not every business has the knowledge and expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Online reviews are a great place to start your research to find the pool builder that meets your needs. Previous customers are an excellent source of unbiased opinions and information that will give you insight into the quality of work you can expect from a company. Online reviews are fast overtaking personal recommendations as the go-to source for trusted information.

That said, it’s important to understand how review sites work so you can identify authentic reviews from fakes that may try to unfairly skew your opinion. We thought it might be helpful to give you some tips on the top review sites out there, along with how they work.


Yelp is one of the first sites that many customers use to read reviews about restaurants, shops, and other businesses, especially those in the service industry. This popular review site uses star ratings and leaves room for written reviews to explain the rating a customer gave the business.

The downside to Yelp is that businesses can pay to get a favorable placement at the top of the search results, so you need to look through all of the reviews to find the best businesses. Companies that have many favorable reviews and more stars are typically viewed as the better choice but don’t write off a company just because they have a single poor review. Look and see if the company responded to the customer’s message and attempted to correct the situation.

Most of the reviews on this platform are real and reliable. As with any review platform, it’s impossible to eliminate fake reviews entirely. Yelp tries to flag these where possible, and you can learn to watch for vague language, extreme star ratings, and nonsensical timing and location information that could indicate a review is fake.

Yelp uses software to evaluate reviews and weed out what are likely fakes and trolls, while high-quality reviews that appear to be written by actual people are recommended by the platform. Remember to use your own judgment and trust your gut when reading through Yelp reviews.


Yelp has fake reviews.

Interior Web Site Reviews

Proceed with caution when basing your opinion of a business solely on the reviews left on its website. Many companies are honest and upfront. Others write fake reviews to deceive customers and attempt to bring in more business.

It’s not possible to say for certain whether a review is fake or genuine. Some reviews are honest, some are written in exchange for an incentive from the company, and others are simply malicious and out to malign a company’s reputation. As with Yelp, learn to spot the signs of fake reviews. You can also verify reviews by checking the user’s profile. Comments that share personal experience and specific details are often more trustworthy than vague descriptions. Use your best judgment and get the best picture of a company by comparing ratings across several sites. If the company’s website reports an overall rating of 4.9, but its Google rating is much lower, beware of false information and proceed carefully.

Google Reviews

We have found that Google is one of the best sources for getting a fair and accurate review. Customers can easily leave a comment to share their unbiased opinions. It is virtually impossible to get an authentic bad review removed, but Google has software that tries to limit unfair reviews left by competitors and trolls.

Every company that has been around for a while will have a difficult customer on occasion who leaves a poor review. Learn to take the information as a whole and don’t base your opinion on a single review. If a pool builder has a 4.7 or better rating with over 150 reviews, they are likely a solid and established company. A company with a rating below 4.3 is probably worth a little more scrutiny. Any business that has few reviews is probably new and relatively inexperienced.

Despite efforts to eliminate fake reviews and spam, it’s still possible to find unreliable information on Google reviews. As with all review platforms, use your common sense and read the entire review instead of relying on the star rating alone.


Hot Tub Google Reviews - Kansas City, MO


We hope you choose Recreation Wholesale to be your pool builder in Kansas City. We are confident that our exceptional reputation and long history of satisfied customers shows that we are one of the best in the area. Visit our website to browse our gallery and get some inspiration for choosing your perfect pool design. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with one of our Kansas City pool experts!

What’s All The Buzz About Stealth Semi-Inground Pools

Stealth pools for Overland Park, Missouri backyard


Times may be tough for most, but the pool-building boom shows no sign of slowing as many people opt to upgrade their homes rather than move to a new property or take a vacation. However, with the increased demand, prices are being pushed up, as are lead times. So, if you’re looking for a pool for your backyard that won’t cost a small fortune, and won’t keep you waiting for months, what are your options? Well, for the price and speed of manufacture and installation, a stealth semi-inground pool is an excellent option.

What is a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool?

A stealth semi-inground pool combines the best features of an above-ground pool and a fully inground pool. They can be sunk into the ground by up to three-quarters of their depth and then surrounded with a setting of your choice, giving the look of a fully inground pool. You might want to add some decking or paneling to surround your stealth semi-inground pool or perhaps paving. You could even include a bar, some waterfalls or extra entry points. You also can completely install the pool in the ground for only hundreds more.

Semi-Inground pool being built.

Why are Stealth Semi-Inground Pools so Popular?

Kansas City semi-inground pools are becoming hugely popular, but you might still be wondering why that is and why there is so much buzz around them in the home-improvement/pool building world. So here are a few reasons why you might want to consider one for your Kansas City, MO backyard.

Fast, Easy Installation

When you have a traditional inground pool installed, there’s a lot of work involved. Even if your yard is level, there’s a lot of digging to do and then preparation of the ground, and this can take weeks! If your yard isn’t level, it takes even longer to level the ground. With a stealth semi-inground pool, there’s nowhere near as much digging to do and, as some of it is above ground in any case, your yard doesn’t need to be completely flat; you can do that by surrounding it with level decking, stone, or other features. Your new stealth semi-inground pool can be installed in a couple of days without causing huge disruption around your backyard. Another reason these pools require less digging is because on average they are 5 feet deep and flat the entire pool area. This makes the entire pool usable for standing and relaxing.

Excellent Durability

Unlike traditional inground or above ground pools, where tiles can become damaged or a plastic bottom easily damaged, stealth semi-inground pools have superb durability. They are manufactured from chemical and UV-resistant steel which is impact resistant, can withstand the high pressures you find at the bottom of a deep pool — and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

They Fit With a Multitude of Looks

When you look out onto an above-ground pool, it’s not particularly pleasing to the eye as it looms above your yard, and there’s not much you can do to change it. However, with a stealth semi-inground pool, you can surround it with your choice of decking or paneling that fits with the look of your home and yard. You can stick with standard wood decking if that suits you. Alternatively, you can pour concrete around and have it tiled to look more like a traditional, fully inground pool. The choice is yours, and there are plenty of options, including completely burying the pool.

Reduced Leadtime

When you order a stealth semi-inground pool, it can arrive on your property in as little as five weeks. Of course, this can vary depending on availability in your location. You should also check with your local homeowner’s association first as they may have lengthy approval processes.

Cost Effective

When compared to a fully inground pool, a stealth semi-inground pool is much more affordable. So you’ll have plenty of spare cash to use on getting the best furniture around your pool and maybe even a new BBQ and outdoor bar too!

Stealth Pools Missouri

Are There any Disadvantages to Having a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool?

Of course, every option has its drawbacks, and there are a couple you should know about when purchasing a new stealth semi-inground pool. These include:

  • The raised walls of your pool will require regular maintenance
  • Water temperatures may rise a bit higher during the summer due to the partially-raised walls keeping the heat in.
  • Purchasing and installing extras around the pool may be expensive and cut into your budget.
Kansas City Stealth Pools installed completely in the ground.
Stealth Pool built in 2 days and installed completely in the ground. A truly affordable Kansas City backyard pool option. The pavers took a little longer!

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool?

When compared to an above ground pool, a stealth semi-inground pool will be relatively expensive, but it will come in cheaper than a typical inground pool. However, there are a number of factors you will need to take into account when budgeting for your pool. You will need to take into account the size of the pool, what materials are being used and what type you intend to install. As a rough guide, prices come in at:

  • $800 – $4,500 for an above-ground pool
  • $6,800 – $25,000 for a semi-inground pool
  • $45,000-$65,000 for basic installation and equipment for an inground pool

Of course, the equipment and installation costs for your pool are not the end of your expenses; there are ongoing maintenance and repair costs to account for as well. For example, concrete pools are prone to algae growth, and the water needs to be cycled for ten hours each day. Your estimated maintenance and power costs for this over a ten-year period would be around $16,000. On the other hand, a fiberglass pool is less prone to algae growth and only requires four to six hours of cycling each day. This means that your ten-year maintenance cost would be considerably less at $4,500. The cost of maintaining your stainless steel semi-inground pool will be cheaper still as algae does not like to grow on this type of material.

Is a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool Suitable on my Property?

A stealth semi-inground pool isn’t the right fit for everyone. As we mentioned above, it has its advantages and disadvantages, sitting comfortably in the market between above-ground pools and inground ones. The answer to whether one is suitable for you will depend on your budget, the space you have available and how you want it to look. So why not talk to a Kansas City pool specialist today and discuss what will work for you?


Selecting and Prepping Your Hot Tub Installation Area

If you’ve recently purchased a Jacuzzi® for your home and you’re anticipating its delivery sometime soon, then you’ve got a bit of preparation to do.

No, we don’t mean throwing on your bathing suit and grabbing a towel. You’ve got to decide exactly where your hot tub install is going to take place, and you’re going to need to prep that area prior to the delivery date.

In order to help ensure that your Jacuzzi® hot tub is installed safely, securely, and in the perfect spot, we’ve created this quick and easy guide to selecting and prepping your hot tub installation area. We hope you find it useful, and we hope you enjoy your experience as a hot tub owner!

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Hot Tub

When it comes to choosing where to do your hot tub installation, there are a few factors to consider. We’ve listed the most important of them below. Consider these carefully before settling on a spot for your hot tub.

Find a Steady Foundation

You definitely don’t want to place your brand-new hot tub on unsteady ground. That can wind up causing a variety of issues that will only amplify the stress you were trying to relieve by purchasing your hot tub in the first place. To avoid that, you’ll want to select a great foundation.

Concrete is a solid choice, both literally and figuratively, and it’s perhaps the most common among hot tub owners. Another great (and highly convenient) foundation is on your deck, provided you can confirm that it’s able to support the weight of your Jacuzzi®.

You can also opt for a spa mat, which makes it possible to place your hot tub on any level patch of grass or topsoil in your backyard.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Dedicated Circuit

Each one of the hot tubs in our Jacuzzi® Collections is going to require a dedicated electrical circuit with either 120 or 240 volts.

This circuit is something that must be installed by a professional electrician, so you’re going to want to speak with one about where you can and cannot place this facility. That will help guide you in selecting a perfect spot to place your tub.

Consider Convenience and Privacy

There are certain aspects of being a Jacuzzi® owner that you might not consider until well after installation, but you very well may wish you had. If your hot tub is too far from your home, it can make things a little inconvenient for you, especially if you plan on going in during the cold months.

You may also want to consider how much privacy your hot tub placement offers. Are you within view of your neighbors, and if so, will that bother you or them? This consideration should help you narrow down your options.

Prepping for Your Hot Tub Install

Now that you’ve selected an area for your hot tub installation, you’re going to have to prep it for delivery day. Below are a few key tips for you to consider:

Make Sure the Area Is Clear

You want the exact area where your hot tub is going to be placed to be cleared of obstructions, but you also want to make the surrounding area as clear as possible, as well as the delivery path itself. This clear space will not only make the delivery day less stressful but will also potentially prevent a disaster from occurring.

Measure the Delivery Path

Once you’ve determined the route your hot tub will be taking to get to its destination, measure any doorways, fences, sidewalks, pathways, and narrow areas to ensure that it’s going to fit.

Remove Overhead Obstructions

Clearing the ground along your delivery path of obstructions is crucial, but don’t forget to look up. You’re going to want to make sure all branches, gutters, overhangs, and any other overhead obstructions are accounted for and removed or easily avoided.

Interested in a Hot Tub for Your Home?

If you want to take relaxation in your home to the next level, contact Recreation Wholesale today or schedule your appointment online to visit our showroom and go for a test soak.

Common Pool Problems

We hear people talking about common pool problems they have experienced in the past.  My friend had a pool and it was a nightmare to take care of.  We thought we would write a quick blog to address some of the most common issues people have with pools and what can be done about them.

1.  Water won’t stay clear.  Many people don’t realize the value of maintaining balanced water.  This means keeping PH and Alkalinity in proper ranges.  When we introduce shock or chlorine into pools that do not balance it becomes handcuffed.  In other words, only a small percentage of the effective chemicals are being used.

The single biggest issue we hear about is the Walmart-type pools made by Intex pools.  We call them blue pools.  They can be a great start for a pool but can bring about many common pool problems.  The above-ground pool filters are very small and will not filter very much water in the course of the day.  These pools don’t have skimmers which allow surface debris to be removed before it can sink to the bottom requiring vacuuming.  Small pumps cannot properly distribute chemicals that will cause cloudy water.  We worry that many Intex pool owners will struggle with the starter pools and give up on pools altogether.  We hear several customers per week tell us how much better our above-ground pools operate.

2.  I can’t get rid of algae.  Most consumers don’t realize that algae can be eliminated by using a high-quality activated copper algicide on a regular basis along with keeping water balanced.  An activated copper algaecide like pristine blue is active throughout the water column from top to bottom.  A normal algaecide even if it’s copper-based will sink to the bottom leaving 90% of the water column unprotected.  The secret is in the activation (keylation) of the copper particle.

Liner Replacement Cost

3.  I’ll have to replace my liner all the time.  This concern is typically unfounded and promoted by other types of pool installers.  Today’s Vinyl Liners should last at least 15 years in an inground pool and 10 years or more in an above-ground pool.  Proper water chemistry and closing practices will greatly enhance liner life.

Operating Cost

4.  The pool will be so expensive to operate.  At Recreation Wholesale, we specialize in keeping up to date with modern technology.  We offer multistage (variable speed) pumps for inground pools and above-ground pools.  Running your pool on a low-speed setting can reduce power usage by up to 80% while still filtering and skimming.

Feel free to come into our store on Saturday Mornings during the season for a free pool school.  We want you to enjoy your pool even if you didn’t get it from us.  Avoid common pool problems.

Hot Tub Bacteria

This year has been an eye-opening year for the topic of hot tub bacteria.  Anyone that has been around hot tubs knows that we need to be sure our hot tubs are protected from bacteria.  This usually means a steady regimen of shocking the water with an oxidizer and keeping a low level of available chlorine.  This has changed recently.

You may have heard about the state fair in Virginia where they had an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.  Over 200 people contracted this disease and killed 2 people.  They were able to track the virus back to a hot tub display at the fair.  The hot tub bacteria was due to a poorly managed spa allowing the virus to grow.

In the last few years, it has become known that certain viruses can build a sort of exoskeleton inside plumbing making it impossible for chlorine to kill them.  The skeleton is called biofilm.  This problem was originally discovered in the poultry business.  The water lines in the chicken houses would develop the same hot tub bacteria we see in our industry.  The result was the loss of chickens.

A scientist has developed an EPA-approved system for purging hot tub bacteria that has been very effective.  The product is called Hot Tub Serum.  It scours the internal plumbing and removes the biofilm leaving the bacteria open to bactericides.  The Serum is also a low-dose bactericide.

We are not trying to scare people from using a hot tub.  As millions of people know, a hot tub can be a very therapeutic, fun asset to a family.  We want to promote and educate the safe and proper use of your spa so that you don’t experience hot tub bacteria!

Feel free to come to our store.  We will be happy to walk you through the process of protecting your spa.