You might be seeing a massive internet and TV campaign for the Spa Blow Out this weekend.  The KCI expo center Spa Blowout sale is not a new phenomenon.  Travelling show promoters have been doing this type of show for probably 20 years.  Over 10 different companies have come into the Kansas City marketplace to sell cheap hot tubs and swim spas over the years.  The spa blow Out is presented as a factory direct sale saving customers $1,000’s of dollars on swim spas and hot tubs.  They will tell you that the hot tub is $15,000. but it’s on clearance for $5,950.  A tub of that quality can be purchased at most any local dealer for $4,950.

In reality, these shows are run by high pressure sales teams that travel the country.  The average swim spa at one of these Spa Blowout expos is probably $10,000 higher on the lower end of quality.  A warranty is only as good as the company that is behind it.  Barefoot Spas has no local service technicians.  They will tell you they have service companies that will handle your warranty but they are sub contracted and usually won’t cover labor or travel time.  If the service company doesn’t want to fix it, they don’t have to.  To date, we have taken 3 barefoot spas on trade because the consumer couldn’t find service.  They were purchased from the Spa Blow Out.

An investment in something as large as a swim spa or hot tub should not be made under pressure and certainly not from a company that promises to have “local service companies”.  At Recreation Wholesale, we employ in house technicians that are focused on swim spa and spa service.   We suggest you check with the BBB and research who you are buying from.  We hope you will decide to keep your hard earned money in Kansas City.  Thanks for reading this.

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