This is just a quick blog post to warn folks about the 877-55h-ottub barefoot spa blowout sale.  This type of hot tub blow out sale has been prevalent in the industry for years.  All you have to do is search for info on a hot tub sale and you’ll see the negative responses.

These companies will come into a market they don’t have any representation and sell their spas as a blow out sale.  They will sometimes call them a liquidation sale.  The truth is they are a team of high pressure sales people and a show promoter.  They will create false retail costs and then bluff people and pressure them into buying a spa or swim spa.  the customer will be left to try and get service on the spa themselves.

Barefoot Spas did a show like this roughly 5 years ago.  At recreation wholesale, we have personally had to service at least 3 of those spas because the “local service company” was not able to be reached.  Since there is no barefoot spas dealer in Kansas City, they were out of luck.  Worst of all, they paid almost double the price they would have gotten at our store on a quality Jacuzzi Brand Spa.

Hot tubs and swim spas can be great additions to your family.  The health and wellness benefits have been proven over and over.  They can need some special attention and service from time to time.  It’s critical to make sure you have local support and advice.

Kansas City Hot Tubs & Spas

By all means, go to the 877-55h-ottub barefoot spa blowout sale to see what they have to offer.  Just be sure to visit a local spa dealer to be sure you are getting what you deserve.  By purchasing locally, your money stays in Kansas City.  Thanks for reading this blog.


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